Welcome to the Fit to Run/Walk Programme.

This HIGHLY EFFECTIVE  six week programme, created in collaboration with GB Athlete Chris Stanton, is designed to give you THE VERY BEST FOUNDATION for your new or already established running  and walking habit – literally from the ground up!

Delivered either virtually or face-to-face, this programme is UNIQUE because it’s specifically designed with a woman’s body in mind, especially in terms of Pelvic Health because at the end of the day, women’s are DIFFERENT to mens and all exercise/rehab programming needs to be made bespoke for each woman.

Over the course of six weeks, we will cover all the BIG ROCKS of running and walking with strength, comfort and ease.  We’ll cover MOBILITY, ACTIVATION, STABILITY AND STRENGTH for all the key areas associated with walking and running resilience – the foot, ankle, hips, lumbar region and spine.

The programme progresses gradually every week and I will provide supportive and bespoke homework for you including soft-tissue self-care to support you feeling confident to help yourself outside of the coaching sessions.

We’re not guaranteeing that you’ll end up beating Mo Farrah any time soon but we will be giving you the tools to help you ‘control your controllables’ when it comes to the most common injuries women who run have to deal with.

And……..because we know that not everyone is a runner,  if you’ve recently taken up extended periods of walking or hiking as a leisure/movement activity, we bet that you’ll want to walk in more comfort, walk stronger and walk for longer?  If that’s a YES, then this programme is also for you.

Full of mobilizations and strengthening drills for your whole body (because walking is a whole-body sport) as well as beautiful relaxation and breathwork practices guaranteed to have you feeling like you literally have a new body!


  • You’d like to simply feel more comfortable when performing the running or walking that you love
  • You’d like to understand your body better and be taught how to rid yourself of simple niggles that spoil your enjoyment of your sport for yourself!!
  • You’d like to be able to run or walk for longer and feel stronger – and maybe want to enter a longer race or walk event confidently
  • You know that your mobility or stiffness in certain areas of your body is holding you back from really enjoying your run or walk
  • You want to work with a EXPERT Coach who can incorporate Pelvic Floor exercise into your running programme.
  • Want to work with an EXPERT Coach who will screen for and take into consideration your Pelvic Health status BEFORE programming movement – BECAUSE THAT MATTERS!!!

Are you afraid of leaking when you’re running? Do you have pain with running? Or maybe you’re wanting to get back to running after injury? IF YES, THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU!

Are you a ‘master runner’?

A master runner is a runner over the age of 35.

For master runners, the most common injury in running is an Achilles tendon injury.  The evidence shows us that the best way to prevent or rehab an achilles tendon injury is calf muscle strengthening.

We will be looking at a lot of varieties of heel raises within the programme.  There is a big emphasis particularly in the first 2 weeks on foot, ankle, calf, & shin mobility.

A ¼ of the bones in our body are in our feet so if your feet aren’t happy literally nothing else is going to be happy & this is particularly true for running/walking.

We are literally starting from the ground up.  Like everything I do building & setting that good foundation. 

Running/walking is a 1 legged activity & when we are going from one foot to the other you are taking somewhere between 2 to 3 times your own bodyweight from 1 leg to the other at speed & the faster you run/walk that number goes up so we really want to make sure that we’ve got mobility, flexibility, strength, balance proprioceptive awareness.

If you’ve got a foot problem that can be a driver for back pain when you’re running/walking.

If you’ve got a foot problem that can be a driver for incontinence when you’re running/walking.

If you’ve got a foot problem it can be a driver for hamstring issues.

We then move up the chain.

Knees are almost always never responsible for issues by themselves.  We have to think where the other issues runners have difficulties with.

Hamstrings cause problems if the glutes aren’t working properly.

With hips, especially women who are in their peri-menopausal zone. Tendons love oestrogen and as our oestrogen levels lower as we age we are more prone to tendon problems. The antidotes are good hydration, good nutrition & good strengthening strategies which we will be covering in depth in this programme.

Lots of women run/walk as a form of mental health & relaxation strategy.

There is a guided body scan relaxation going from head to toe & focusing on the breath which we will run through every week.

I want to fill your toolbox so you have other relaxation strategies not just running/walking.

So if you can’t run/walk you’re not going to crack up.

We’re going to build a good foundation.  One that is designed to get you out of trouble, keep you out of trouble & injury free & one that is going to improve & augment your running/walking.

This programme is all about dealing with any injury hot spots that female runners/walkers tend to have.

Bringing the depth of knowledge I have & looking at you as a whole.

I understand how important running/walking is to you & I really want to give you a strong set of tools to get you back to the sport/hobby you love.

So are you ready?


Starting Monday 10th January 8.15pm at Follan Natural Health Centre



**Must be at least 12 week post-natal before signing up**