I am so proud to be an Ambassador for this BESPOKE Programme.

Healing your Core and restoring to full function is an INSIDE-OUT JOB and there is no exercise in the world that will work effectively if your nutrition, your rest strategies, self-care and how you re-connect to your Core after birthing isn’t right.

The Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing Programme is a progressed system that will take you on a journey of education, re-connection, re-alignment, optimal nutrition, THE RIGHT KIND OF EXERCISE, in the right amounts and the right time.

No one-size fits all here and your success is guaranteed as long as you make time for it and stick to the programme!!!

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is when the muscles in the stomach part to make room for a growing child during pregnancy. For some lucky ladies these muscles slowly go back together and can withstand pressure of their own accord – for most however the body needs a little more help………and this is where I can help!!

Diastasis Recti Abdominis

Testimonial from a mum who followed the programme:

“Thinking back to last summer, the time before I started the Holistic Core Restore diastasis and HEAT programs with Total Wellbeing, I know it’s not an exaggeration to say that Rachel has single handedly changed my life. She’s definitely not your average fitness instructor! Thanks to Rach, this Mother’s Day I’m physically and mentally stronger, healthier and happier than I thought I could ever be again. I thought my daily unhappiness and various ailments were unavoidable, just part and parcel of the long term strains of growing, birthing and then parenting 3 young kids, but Rachel showed me otherwise. She managed to persuade me that I deserved better than that; that my body and mind were important no matter how worn out and hopeless I considered them both to be. Most of all, she gave me the self belief to go ahead and make the changes that she knew would give me myself back. It certainly hasn’t all been easy but the results have far outweighed the difficulties and she was there supporting me every step (and lunge and squat) of the way.

Rachel has an impressive list of qualifications that enable her to work expertly with women and our particular types of needs, but imo she offers a service which far exceeds just knowing which exercises to safely do when. I suspect that whenever women go through a time of such physical transformation there will always be emotions entangled in that. I can say with certainty that my self perception suffered alongside my stomach! My confidence was about as floppy as my pelvic floor and I doubted pretty much all my abilities. I know I’m not alone in this. It can be a vulnerable time emotionally as well as physically. And this is where Rachel shines! She’s a mother too so she truly understands how hard it is, how impossible and upsetting it feels, and offers nothing but compassion during those embarrassing confessions. For all her friendliness, she knows when to get tough and not let you give in though!

I can tell you how many dress sizes I dropped (two) and that I haven’t had to throw away my knickers in months, nor take out my hair bobble so I can fasten my jeans after lunch. My clothes finally fit comfortably again! I could also tell you that my back and knee pain have all but completely gone away but it’s not as easy to quantify just how much better I feel inside.

To all the other women suffering in silence, as I was a year ago, please know there’s hope for you too.”

This programme is for anyone suffering or worried about a diastasis and general post partum stomach weakness. If you regularly go to the gym but can’t seem to get rid of that mummy tummy then this programme is for you.  The aim of this focused programme is to take any lady at any stage of healing and get them fully restored ready for the stress and strains of motherhood!!

Posture, Alignment, Breathing Patterns, Nutrition, essential Vitamins & Minerals, Hydration and more all play PIVITOL roles in the repair of post partum Diastasis healing and recovery. This tried and tested system has bought great relief to many women who felt their tummy’s would never recover from having their baby. Diastasis and mild urinary incontinence usually go hand in hand especially in the early Post Natal period so we also work on this as part of the programme.

The Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing Programme includes:

  • In-depth Health Questionnaire
  • Zoom meeting to discuss your screening form, food diary analysis, your goals & what you want to achieve & whether or not this programme is suitable for you
  • Initial 90 minute consultation which includes postural & alignment assessment, hands on therapy, breath pattern analysis & reconnection of ‘Core Synergy’
  • Education of WHAT I’m asking you to do and WHY
  • 3 follow up 60 minute appointments either in person or online (usually taken every 4 weeks)
  • Bespoke programme of 4-5 exercises that are specific to you & your needs
  • Equipment needed for homework
  • Regular contact between appointments via Facebook or Whatsapp

Testimonial from a mum of 3 with a 2 finger diastasis only 2 weeks into the programme:

“2 weeks clean, and no cheat days!!! I knew I could do it but at the same time I’m pretty amazed at myself The first ten days were really tough but I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen already. I wasn’t expecting much to happen this early on! And I’ve been less active than previous due to those withdrawal symptoms. I can button up my jeans, even straight from the tumble dryer. But way more important to me than that is that they stay buttoned up all day, which means my clothes feel so much more comfortable. That extra dress size worth of bloat by the evening has gone! Have just measured and I’ve lost an inch from my bellybutton, I’m sure it’s much less droopy as well which I hated hated hated more so than the sticky out ness of it. I am definitely more connected with the pelvic floor muscles now. It’s become easy to do a few sitting in the car, or lying in bed or whenever wherever, before I had to really concentrate to try to find them and scoop them up. You are a super star, Rachel, THANK YOU!!!”

Results from a mum of 3 who had a 3 finger diastasis.

Results from a mum of 3 who had a 3 finger diastasis.

Price: £150

The first is a hands on appointment including soft-tissue therapy up to 90 minutes and the 3 follow up sessions that will last 60 minutes. We will be in constant contact throughout and you are not left to fend for yourself!

**As of August 2022, all appointments will take place at my treatment room at St Johns. The address will be given to you once the booking has been made**

Testimonial from a mum of 2 with a 2 finger diastasis and stage 2 bladder prolapse:

“I completed Rachel’s Holistic Core Restore Diastasis Programme over a period of 9 weeks. When I started I felt weak both emotionally & physically. Partly from having a 3month old baby & a toddler & partly from being diagnosed with a stage 2 bladder prolapse. I felt completely devastated by my diagnosis as I had always been a fairly active person & now all of a sudden I was faced with a whole list of things I couldn’t do. I felt so scared that I would not be able to be active with my kids as they grew up & that I would never feel any better. However after my first session with Rachel I felt so much more positive. The course really does take a whole body & mind approach from nutrition, hydration & stress right through to tissue massage & stretches. I soon developed a daily routine of fitting in the exercise programme. The videos were easy to follow & if I ever got stuck Rachel was there to help. She helped me to understand that core, & especially pelvic floor rehabilitation needs time, self care & patience. It isn’t always easy to fit the exercises in with the demands of a baby & toddler, but the important thing is to try as hard as you can & take it a day at a time. I know that it is going to take a long time & persistence with the exercises to achieve results but I now feel although it’s possible. The fear has subsided & the confidence in the strength of my body is slowly creeping back. Rachel taught me so many simple things regarding nutrition, stretching & posture & they really have made a positive difference to how I feel. After 9weeks my diastatis had reduced & I felt really positive about being on the road to managing & hopefully improving my pelvic floor. I’m not quite sure where I would be physically & emotionally without completing this course! Rachel takes everything at your pace & is supportive & positive throughout.”