The Mummy Movement class which is suitable for new mums takes place at Union Mills Memorial Hall.

“I found out about Rachel’s service whilst pregnant with my second child and decided instantly that I wanted to attend her “Mummy Movement” classes.  Initially, I approached Rachel about a one off One-to-One session so that I could talk about what I wanted to achieve and how best to do it.  During the One-to-One Rachel assessed my post-natal core and posture, as well as discussing proper nutrition, she also provided me with some suitable exercises to commence my core restoration and she massaged out a few niggles & knots which I really benefitted from.  Rachel is very focussed on ensuring mummies get the best support for their own individual situations and what they hope to achieve, whilst also advising what to avoid and how to improve your general wellbeing.

Rachel is so enthusiastic about her job that it really shows in how she looks after her clients.  The mummy movement classes are fabulously planned and varied so you always feel like you’re benefitting from it.  Rachel is always offering advice and assistance to her clients which is knowledgeable and appropriate.  I’m so pleased that I made the choice to join Rachel’s classes and would (and have!) recommend her to all my mummy friends.”


The Mummy Movement class will rebuild your strength using mobility, strength, flexibility & flow & will also be mindful of your Core and Pelvic Floor.  Once you are feeling stronger & fitter there are high impact more intense options in the class so you can step up a gear when you are ready & some mums find themselves fitter & stronger than they were pre-pregnancy!

I have undertaken specialised pregnancy & post-natal exercise training & am the only Holistic Core Restore® Coach on the Island so you are in safe hands. I also have two children so I understand the demands of exercising as a busy (& tired!) mum.


This class is great for busy mums as not only can you come on your own when your children are at School or Nursery; you can also bring your babies/toddlers along.

As an Holistic Core Restore® Coach I can help you to re-connect & re-strengthen these deep core muscles that may not have been correctly used for years!! After just a few weeks you will notice the difference!!

Holistic Core Restore Badge

I take a holistic approach to post-natal healing & recovery & movement in general therefore it is important that you have healed from the INSIDE-OUT before you start adding intense exercise to a body that hasn’t fully healed & recovered from the endurance event you have partaken in – whether that be 3 months ago or 30 years ago!! There will be something for everyone no matter where you are in your recovery process.

Everyone who joins the class gets a diastasis/tummy check before they start so I can assess what exercises are suitable for you to partake in and I will re-assess every few weeks to make sure you are completing the RIGHT EXERCISES at the RIGHT TIME.

You need to have had the all-clear from your doctor at your 6-8 week check up.

Hear what Angela has to say about the class:

The 60 minute class consists of:

  • Release, realignment & mobilisation strategies that help any ‘stuck’, tight muscles & joints from all that bending, lifting, carrying, twisting we all do when looking after children.
  • A functional movement circuit concentrating on those big muscle groups
  • Cool down to help your muscles regain optimal length after exercise.
  • Mindfulness of correct posture, pelvic floor, core & breathing strategies throughout the whole session.
  • My support and guidance  via a Private Facegroup group where we all keep in touch between classes

40wk bump of lady who came to my Pregnancy Class and 14wks post-natal.

Here is how the lady above looked after herself during and after her pregnancy:

After an assisted birth I took it easy for my first few post natal weeks. I ate as well as I possibly could with lots of greens (particularly spinach as I was anemic), protein, fruit and veg in my diet. As recommended by Rachel at the end of my pregnancy, I made lots of soups from the bones of different meats in order to boost my collagen intake to aid my physical recovery. To help with the sugar cravings that we all get after sleepless nights I decided to focus on making different raw treats with natural sugars, nuts and dates which were inspired by Rachel. As I am breastfeeding I am not drinking alcohol and taking as much water as I can to keep hydrated.

I started taking small walks after returning home from the hospital, which was so beneficial for my physical and mental wellbeing. As the weeks went on I increased the length and durations of my walks. By week 6 I had the all clear from the doctor and so I started Rachel’s Mummy Movement class. After thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy class from 12 weeks through to birth I was confident that she would guide me safely through my post natal phase. She personally assessed my stomach muscles and advised me on taking my time and not rushing to try and get back to my original fitness. I still attend her classes and look forward to them each week. I have seen and felt a difference. I feel stronger and fitter without any pain or discomfort.

It is with thanks to Rachel that I have recovered well and feel like my old self again within a very short time. Thank you for all your continued help, advice and support.”

WHERE: Union Mills Memorial Hall

WHEN: Every Monday 1.30-2.30pm for 6 weeks

COST: £48

Dates: 10th, 17th & 24th June

1st, 8th & 15th July


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