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“Had a post natal massage today in Rachel’s new treatment room at Warehouse Fitness. I just had to share just how amazing it was! 90 mins of bliss. A cross between a normal beauty massage and a sports massage. Worked parts that I didn’t even know were sore whilst being totally relaxing. First massage since having my baby girl, and it was amazing! Thanks Rachel ☺️”

After the birth of a baby, it is very easy to forget about your own needs!

Post-Natal MOT Massage continues to help with many of the aches & pains you may still be suffering with, as your body takes time to adjust.  You may also be developing new aches & pains from the various strains while handling your baby, specifically neck, shoulders, upper back & arms.  It also, importantly, allows you some pampering time & to relax.

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Post-Natal massage is considered to be safe, however, you will complete a thorough Health Questionnaire before we meet to ensure there are no contraindications.

During the massage, you will be positioned on your back & also on your side with cushions to make you comfortable.   It is ideal if you are able to come on your own so you are able to fully relax, however, if you wish to bring your baby this can be accommodated & they can lie on the couch with you on your side, stay in the car seat or bring a helper along so they can look after the baby while you have the treatment but the baby is close if they need some comfort or feeding during the treatment.  Home visits are available which will include an additional charge.

If you have abdominal separation or had a C-Section then I have received additional training & have learnt fantastic massage techniques to help the soft-tissue to repair and heal which in turn will help your posture, alignment & breathing strategies.   In addition some soft tissue releases will be performed on the shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, wrists, fingers, hips, ankles & toes.  As I’m a certified KIASTM Instrument Assisted Therapy Practitioner I incorporate the use of the IAM Dolphin Tool to help break down stuck tissue & improve blood flow & oxygenation to the tissue.

As I’m the only Holistic Core Restore® Coach on the Island & a Pre & Post-Natal Fitness Professional I will also assess your abdominals, get you re-connected to your breath, core & pelvic floor & give you nutritional advice & exercises to do at home to improve your connection which will help you recovery & heal quicker.

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The aim of the MOT massage is to help you feel relaxed, relieve many of the muscular aches & pains experienced by mums & also help your abdominals to recovery from pregnancy and C-Section.

Price: £55 an hour/£70 for 90 minutes or choose a membership plan
£50 a month for 6 months = ONE 60 minute massage a month.
£45 a month for 12 months = ONE 60 minute massage a month.

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**As of August 2022, all appointments will take place at my treatment room at St Johns. The address will be given to you once the booking has been made**