rebecca 23wks

Rebecca who attends the class at 23 weeks

“Before I got pregnant I went to boot camp for about three months and also had a personal trainer for a month before that and walked to and from work. So when I got pregnant and spent the first four and a half months with my head down the loo, I felt very lethargic and lazy. I had no idea what exercises were safe and even walking felt like a chore. I saw Rachel’s Saturday class on facebook and thought I’d give it ago. I joined with my sister and I’m so glad we did. It got us moving again and made me realise I can do a lot more than I thought. It has also helped my back as it is quite painful. Rachel always brings in healthy snacks that she makes at home packed full of goodness for pregnant ladies, which I now make myself at home. I have really enjoyed learning the breathing and relaxation techniques which I will definitely take in to the labour room with me. I highly recommend this class to all pregnant women.”



Suitable from 12 weeks as long as you feel comfortable.

This fitness class is a balanced mixture of:

  • Release, realignment and mobilisation strategies that help any ‘stuck’, tight, weak muscles and joints
  • Functional exercises which mimic a mummy’s activities in her daily life
  • Strategies to help engage, strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles
  • Breathing, Relaxation and Visualisation
  • Support via a Private Facegroup Page

“I joined Rachel’s pregnancy class when I was 24 weeks pregnant. After a very sickly first 20 or so weeks I was feeling quite disappointed and upset with how my pregnancy had started out as I had to stop doing most things I enjoyed, specifically exercise, as I was just too sick! Rachel’s classes were a great way to build my confidence with starting up exercise again part way through my pregnancy.

I always feel reassured by her expert knowledge that everything is safe to do and I always feel like I have actualIy worked my body! The releases and mobilisation exercises Rachel does are fantastic for loosening off stiff parts of the body and I always feel much better afterwards. The relaxation and birth preparation sections at the end of the class have really prepared me for the birth of my baby – without this I don’t think I would feel anywhere near as prepared as I do or as positive about the birth.

I look forward to the classes each week and feel well supported by Rachel in every aspect of my pregnancy. She is always on hand to give advice and provides lots of information about not only the birth but recovering after it too.

One of the best thing about the classes is the people I have met along the way. It has been great to share experiences with the other girls and to know that someone else is going through what you are. Would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is expecting. I can honestly say joining was the best thing I did whilst pregnant!”



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WHEN AND WHERE: Follan Natural Health Centre, Tromode Industrial Estate,

Wednesday 6-7pm

COST: £60 for 6 week block. Payable in advance, non-refundable. Spaces limited to just 12 people per class.


“Just wanted to say thank you – I really do think attending your classes benefitted me hugely during my pregnancy. Whenever I meet a pregnant lady I tell them about your class. I’m looking forward to Mummy Movement next”


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Laura 26 weeks

Laura who attends the class at 26 weeks

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heather 36

Heather who attends the class at 36 weeks

“I started Rachel’s class when I was about 16 weeks into my second pregnancy. Second time around I found the initial stages of pregnancy harder and was recommended this class by my sister who had recently had her baby. I have found the weekly exercise has really helped with my energy levels and Rachel’s knowledge on exercises to undertake when pregnant is second to none! The stretches have helped enormously with the back ache I have been having also. Meeting other mums to be too and the weekly homemade treats are an added bonus ?. Rachel is very approachable and happy to help with any questions I may have regarding aches, pains, nutrition and more. I would highly recommend this class!”




  1. Helping to Boost Sluggish Mood or Low Energy Levels
  2. Encourages Better Sleep
  3. Reduced Lower Back Pain, Tension and Discomfort
  4. Preparation for Body & Mind in coping with Labour
  5. Can Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  6. Heightened Chances of a Lower Risk Birth & Quicker Delivery
  7. Can Aid in a Quicker Recovery Post Birth
  8. Can Help Encourage Baby in to the Correct Position for Birth
  9. Can Help Strengthen Key areas such as the Pelvic Floor, Pelvis & Back
  10. A Chance to Socialise with other Pregnant Ladies, Helping Build Reassurance & Peace of Mind”

“I was relatively active before pregnancy, I’d started running with a friend, but when I found out I was pregnant I unfortunately didn’t have the confidence to continue with my normal exercise. I joined the Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Preparation Class at 14 weeks as I wanted to continue to exercise through my pregnancy but with the advice and reassurance from Rachel. The strengthening and mobility exercises not only keep you fit and prepare you for labour, Rachel is also keen to prepare you for when the baby arrives and when you are bending, carrying, stretching and lifting. The releases which we do in class are also great for loosening of aches and pains, which I have found great in the last couple of weeks when I have suffered with lower back pain. What surprised me most when joining the class is how mentally unprepared I was. The thought of giving birth naturally terrified me, this was probably down to a lack of knowledge and hearing so many negative birth stories. I am really glad I joined the classes so early in my pregnancy as I feel that as the weeks have gone on I feel really positive and excited about the birth of our baby and no longer scared. For me, this has been the biggest benefit from joining Rachel’s class. I have met some lovely mum’s to be at these classes whether they be first time mum’s or they are expecting for their second or third time. The classes are limited to no more than 12 so you really get to know everyone. It is great to be able to share your experiences with such a lovely group of ladies and if you are just feeling a bit rubbish it’s nice to talk to someone who understands!! At 35 weeks I still feel really mobile and active and am enjoying my pregnancy! Thanks Rachel!”



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“I started coming to Rachel’s Pregnancy Exercise & Birth Preparation Class at 30 weeks after seeing information about it on her page on Facebook. Though always being very active I wanted to know what exercises I could do safely throughout pregnancy under the advice of someone who is experienced – I would say look no further… Rachel is amazing and so supportive! Her class covers a range of different exercises and Rachel always includes different elements, so no two classes are ever the same.

In addition Rachel offers advice on a variety of exercises to do so everyone is included – trust me this is so ideal in the latter stages of your pregnancy when your bump restricts certain movements but Rachel’s expert guidance means you can do alternative exercises which is fantastic.

Most importantly apart from preparing you physically Rachel’s classes cover mental preparation for giving birth which I have found invaluable! Through the relaxations and the informative talks on a focused topic at the end of class I have found my mindset change to look positively at the birthing process. I am now looking forward to this and feel mentally prepared. This is the biggest change I have seen in myself – I only wish I had found out about classes earlier!

Everyone who comes to class is so friendly and Rachel creates such a relaxed and calm environment to set you in a great mood which I look forward to every week! I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is expecting as I have learnt so much and met so many new people along the way. Rachel has such a lovely, caring and supportive personality which makes her fantastic at her job. Rachel – thank you for all your support!”



“The Pregnancy Exercise & Birth Preparation Class was recommended to me by a friend who was nearing the end of her pregnancy when I was just 12 weeks. Before I was pregnant I kept fit by horse riding and parish walking. I was attracted to the class as I wanted an active pregnancy but wasn’t sure what I could or couldn’t do. I enjoy both the physical side and the casual chats Rachel does each week on a wide range of topics. I have particularly enjoyed the nutritional and pre/post natal health advise (including Rachel’s home cooking). Like many women I had heard so many horror stories about labour that I was naturally fearful. The GentleBirth relaxation elements of this class have really helped me to build a positive attitude towards birth. I now see it as a challenge and look forward to it rather than dread it. I look forward to taking part in the post natal program and catching up with all of the like minded ladies I have met along the way. Thank you so much Rachel for all of your support and wisdom along the way, I’m so glad my friend made that recommendation!”