I wanted to share my personal story with you…these are my 2 little girls (Maisie 4 1/2 years and Iona 21 months old) and I do what I do because of them (literally).


I have had 2 amazing pregnancies and births. Maisie was born in the birth pool at the hospital and weighed 7lb 4oz. No drugs and no tears so a normal, straightforward birth. 12 weeks after having her I jumped straight back into an intense fitness regime (way way way too soon!!). Certain exercises made me leak slightly but that’s normal right??? I’ve just had a baby.

2 years later and I’m pregnant with Iona. Very similar pregnancy all went well (just tired from running around after a toddler and fitting in clients and classes in between!!). We had a home birth with Iona and she weighted 7lb 11oz – again no drugs and no tears.

Second time round it took me longer to get back to intense exercise (for me juggling the needs of 2 children was so much harder than 1). The first class I went back to after Iona (must have been about 9 months post-partum). It included exercises like box jumps, double unders and I basically wet myself!! My body just wasn’t ready for this kind of intense exercise.

Instead of living with this and carrying on and just wearing a pad, I decided to do some research into this and realised that I was actually suffering from urinary stress incontinence (which is extremely common after childbirth but we just don’t talk about it).

I took a step back from my intense exercise and followed specific core and pelvic floor exercises which have helped me recovery tremendously. I am now aware of what I have to do when coughing, sneezing, jumping etc. Don’t get me wrong this is a lifelong commitment and if I stop doing my exercises whilst doing my day to day tasks (lifting children, pushing prams, pulling, twisting etc.) then I feel a decrease in pelvic floor and core strength but I’d rather commit to my health and wellbeing rather than wear pads for the rest of my life (I’m only 31 so that thought fills me with dread!!).

Like I said above I had 2 very uncomplicated, straight forward births and I still suffered so it is very common in the post-partum phase.

The exercises I now teach in all my classes give ladies the tools and techniques for them to improve their pelvic, core and general health for years to come.

My girls are the reason I do what I do – literally!!