C-Section, Hysterectomy & Scar Adhesions.

Scars may look “fine” but it’s the things we can’t see that can affect how you feel and move.

After any surgery or trauma to tissue; the healing process beings when collagen fibres are laid down to create powerful healing bonds that aid recovery but can also lead to the formation of adhesions.  These adhesions can then create dysfunction as their strong structures can bind to nearby organs and tissues within the pelvic cavity and around the site of the wound. This can then cause that pulling, trapped or dragging sensation that some ladies experience around the scar when performing certain movement or activities

Once the C-Section/Hysterectomy scar has fully healed on a superficial level, I perform scar therapy on and surrounding the scar itself with the aim to start gently before the adhesions increase in density and need deeper work in order to get positive results.  Starting sooner rather than later is always best but I’ve worked on scars that are 15-20 years old and had amazing results so never give up on soft-tissue

6 week results from a lady who worked with me on her C-section recovery.

Pelvic organ dysfunction, incontinence, scar pain , back pain, poor sensation/numbness and a sense of restriction after the C-Section/Hysterectomy procedure are often due to the build up of post-surgical adhesions.

Massage also has the benefit of being relaxing and encourages blood flow and oxygen to the site of healing to improve the healing process.

What happens during the treatment?

  • You will complete a pre-screening health questionnaire giving me as much information as possible
  • The initial treatment will include a postural/gait/functional movement and breathing assessment
  • We will use hands on therapy to work on your abdominals, breathing accessory muscles, the scar and surrounding area, public mound and work more globally on other areas that are restricted.
  • You will be given a written report that includes your homework to complete between treatments and I will be in contact with you during this time to support you on your journey back to health and more importantly functionality.

Cost: £70 for a 90 minute treatment. **3 treatments are recommended in order to see and feel long-lasting results**

**As of August 2022, all appointments will take place at my treatment room at St Johns. The address will be given to you once the booking has been made**