Join myself, Rachel Kermeen, the Holistic Core Restore® Coach on the Isle of Man to improve your Core & Pelvic Floor Health.

Using the Holistic Core Restore® principles of EDUCATION – RECONNECTION – MOVEMENT – NUTRITION,  Holistic Core Restore®  is designed to help women everywhere to realise that purposeful MOVEMENT is the ultimate ‘friend’ of their Pelvic Floor and that Kegels ALONE are an entry level activity which then need to be progressed to integrated movement.  Immobility is the enemy of not only Pelvic Floor/Core wellness but of a healthful life!



Are you a woman seeking help for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Stress Urinary Incontinence symptoms OR a mild prolapse and you’ve been told that the conservative approach of establishing a regular, functional Pelvic Floor/Core Restore exercise programme would be beneficial to your issues……..

If you are then contact me NOW to find out how I can help you and which programme would best suit you…there is something for EVERYONE!!

Watch the video below to find out more: