“I went to Rachel for a 90 min full body massage. I was very impressed that she wanted to know what my issues were before my appointment so she could make a treatment plan. This meant the whole 90 minutes was purely for massage. She focused on my trouble areas making sure I was comfortable at all times. The room was lovely and relaxing too. I found Rachel’s knowledge and advice exceptional. She found aches and pains I didn’t know I had and eased them. I went away feeling very relaxed and much looser. Rachel also messaged me to check how I was feeling later that day and the next which I thought was very caring and professional. She also sent a treatment report. Over all very impressed and happy. “

Siobhan 27 weeks pregnant

As a Pregnancy & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, one of my goals is to help my pregnant clients have a pain free & enjoyable pregnancy however it can take it’s toil on the best of us.  The myofascial & skeletal system is put under immense duress & undergoes a complete transformation in terms of function.  This dysfunction usually leads to soft tissue/joint discomfort & pain, most of which can be alleviated by massage therapy & bodywork.

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes; hormones change, ligaments loosen, there is more strain on the body resulting in postural changes & compression which can lead to syndromes such as carpal tunnel or piriformis syndrome.  It can also be a very exciting time, but also one which is tiring, full of anxiety & stressful!


Pregnancy massage can be used to treat many of these ailments that occur during pregnancy, whilst also promoting better sleep.  It also allows you to have some time to yourself & feel pampered!

Targeted massage treatment can aid in the relief of:

    • Back & Pelvic Pain
    • Tarsal / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Ribcage Pain
    • Headaches
    • Cramping / Restless Legs
    • Swollen hands / feet
  • Piriformis Syndrome / Sciatica

What happens in Pregnancy Massage & is it safe?

Pregnancy massage is considered to be safe, however, you will complete a thorough Health Questionnaire before we meet to ensure there are no contraindications.

During the massage, you will be positioned on your back in an elevated position & also on your side with cushions to make you comfortable.

As I’m a certified KIASTM Instrument Assisted Therapy Practitioner I incorporate the use of the IAM Dolphin Tool to help break down stuck tissue & improve blood flow & oxygenation to the tissues.

As I’m the only Holistic Core Restore® Coach on the Island I will also assess your breathing, core & pelvic floor activation & give you advice & exercises to do at home to improve your connection which will aid in labour & also help you recover & heal quicker.

Holistic Core Restore Badge

The aim of the massage is to help you feel relaxed whilst also relieving many of the muscular aches & pains experienced throughout pregnancy.

“The 90 minutes flew by too quickly! The soft tissue releases made me feel looser and more free with lasting effect and the massage techniques made it such a relaxing experience.”

Kate 32 weeks pregnant

“I can really feel a difference in my hips and my upper back. I feel much more “mobile” as before I was so stiff especially in my pelvic/hip area.”

Hannah 36 weeks pregnant


90 Minutes = £70
60 Minutes = £55

**Monthly membership – 6 months minimum**
£50 a month for 6 months = ONE 60 minute massage a month.

Choose one of the following options:

**As of August 2022, all appointments will take place at my treatment room at St Johns. The address will be given to you once the booking has been made**