ates: 2 testimonials from ladies who attended the last Animal Flow Pop Up Class and who have now signed up for the 13 week course:

“Animal Flow was a fantastic surprise, not only because of its unique technique to build strength, but also because you get challenged physically and mentally. In yoga sometimes you can disconnect, same as when you are running, doing a boot camp class, etc. Animal flow wants you there, in the present , aware of what you are asking your body to do and executing accordingly. It was very powerful, and I can’t wait to do it again and see how I can get better flowing from one animal to another, grounding my mind and body with the practice.”

“I really enjoyed my first taste of Animal Flow! I’m still finding it difficult to commit time to exercising, even though my little one is almost 10 months old now. I loved the fact that I could just stop and do the routine easily in my front room when my little one was napping, the day after the class! Even though it looks easy, it still really works my entire body and I was sweating within a few minutes of doing it, you can get your heart rate up when practising a full flow as well. I’ll definitely be giving this another go! Thanks Rachel!”


1-2-1 Animal Flow Sessions are also available.

Here’s a video from a 2 hour 1-2-1 Animal Flow session with a client.  She had never done Animal Flow before and look how much she learnt in 2 hours:

Here’s what she had to say about her Animal Flow experience:

“This unique form of workout was tough mentally and physically. It left me feeling energised and really allowed my brain to switch off and solely focus on the task at hand. It was incredibly satisfying once I’d mastered a flow of movements and left me wanting to do more. Being a mum of two is incredibly demanding so I particularly enjoy my chances to workout, but what I loved most about animal flow was the ability to switch off. My brain is on constant and it felt incredibly refreshing to finish a workout undistracted, I guess it’s because you’re busy concentrating on your next move. I certainly felt the burn between 24-48hrs after my class but not enough to put me off doing it again.
If you’re looking for a class with a difference, and like me crave a sense of mindfulness then I would absolutely recommend this. It gets a 5 out of 5 for me. “

What you get when you attend the Animal Flow®️ Classes/1-2-1:

      • A weekly 60 minute session where we cover the 6 components of Animal Flow®️
      • Weekly specific homework for you to work on that are specific to you and your Animal Flow®️ development
      • Drills for you to complete at home to work on your practice
      • A private Facebook group where we communicate during the week
      • Regular workshops/Animal Flow Jams that you can attend

No class at the minute.