Being a new mum can be very overwhelming and there isn’t much information out there as to what you can do in those early post-natal days/weeks/months to help you heal and recover in the quickest and safest way possible. This is your opportunity to receive expert advice in the very early Post-Natal period. This 1-2-1 session will advise you of appropriate ‘core-reconnection’, safe lifting, breath work and nutrition strategies before your 6-8 week GP clearance and then give you EVERYTHING you need to start you on your safe return to activity with the deepest respect to your incredible recent journey to motherhood.  We will cover posture, alignment, breathing, core & pelvic floor re-connection, nutrition and lifestyle programming which will support and guide you back to health.  The session will give you advice on how to proceed with your exercise regime after your GP check.


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So many women are confused as to what they should and shouldn’t be doing in the very early weeks and months post birth because quite simply, the information and care offered is usually directed toward the health of the baby.  Holistic Core Restore® ‘4th Trimester’ aims to redress the balance and provide AN ESSENTIAL ‘in between programme’ that supports the mother in this important restorative period and then safely guides her back to core re-connection, simple self-care strategies, organising her support system, a return to normal exercise and easy nutrition for Post-Natal recovery.


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Who’s This Programme For?

  • Are you newly Post-Natal and feeling that you need more support in your role as a mother and the practicalities of the early days?  This programme will help.
  • Are you coming towards the end of your Pregnancy and want to be as prepared as possible in your early Post-Natal days?  This programme will help.
  • Are you currently attending my pregnancy class or 1-2-1 personal training? This course is the perfect step into post birth recovery.
  • Do you need help organising your Support Systems and the people who can help you so that you have the time and space to truly recover?  This programme will help.
  • Are you unclear about how to perform the Pelvic Floor exercises that you were told to perform?  This programme will help.
  • Have you developed aches and pains because of the changes in your postural alignment and need help to get comfortable in your body again?  This programme will help.
  • Do you want to learn how to make a nurturing ‘Babymoon’ for you and your baby where you deeply focus on both of your deepest needs and connecting?  This programme will help.



What’s Involved?

  • You’ll be asked to complete our HCR Red Flag Pre-Screen to decide if this programme is right for you or whether you need clinical attention.  If you’re a great fit…..
  • If you’re coming to the end of your Pregnancy, this programme will be extremely useful to help you prepare for your early days at home with your baby.
  • You’ll then be all set for your first session with myself and go through a hands-on Pre-Screening which includes tests for your Core Function (I check you for Diastasis and the synergy between your breath and Core if you are early Post-Natal) so that we know where you are on your recovery journey and the programme can truly be tailored to your needs.  You’ll receive our unique Holistic Core Restore® 4th Trimester Client Education Booklet and be taken step by step through the programme which involves deep guidance on how to nurture yourself through healing nutrition and simple changes to your environment to support your recovery, from the inside-out, in this early Post-Natal period.
  • This offering is utterly bespoke and I’ve been educated to completely tailor this information to your needs and ‘meet you EXACTLY’ where you are now by supporting this life phase with real-world solutions from pushchair ergonomics and finding the right cushion to support your breastfeeding to helping you to nail the essential nutrition you require to support your healing process.


4th Trimester Booklet


“I honestly feel that the core exercises, posture and breathing techniques Rachel has given me for my recovery are making a difference even after one week. My tummy looks leaner already” Laura 11 weeks post-natal


I am the Islands only Holistic Core Restore® Coach.  The price for this one-off advice, breathing strategy and core connection session is £45 and will be held in the comfort of your own home or my treatment room.