“Very informative but also easy to understand. Explanations were really clear.  A ‘can do’ attitude.”

An evening celebration of women’s wellness + wisdom + cake!!

Join us for an evening of Kegels + Cake!!  Everything that you meant to ask about your Core Strength and Pelvic Health in one fun evening of ‘edutainment’ and splendid cake eating!!!  With Rachel Kermeen the Island’s ONLY Holistic Core Restore(R) Coach and Women’s Health Specialist




What you’ll learn:

How to locate and REALLY exercise your Pelvic Floor muscles………Ps. this doesn’t include CLENCHING at the traffic lights

Types of dysfunction

What your Pelvic Floor Strength has to do with Low Back Pain

How to have a ‘better belly’ and core strength at ANY AGE!!

Why some women develop Diastasis Recti (a tummy gap) after birth and what exercise is best to heal it

The Kegal Continuum – yes we will be doing some movement!!

The Science behind movement-based pelvic floor exercise

The important of posture and soft-tissue om pelvic health

Questions and Answers session

And we’ll do it all in a nice, warm environment!

PLUS: Takeaway my 14 Steps to Better Pelvic Health Handout & discounts to lots of my programmes/courses/treatments!

Space is limited to 20 seats priced at £10 a ticket.  Payment using the paypal link below will reserve your spot.   It will be lovely to meet the ladies of the community and get to know you all a little better.


Feedback from some of the ladies who have attended a workshop:

“It was interesting to understand effect of nutrition on pelvic floor & how to breathe with exercise to improve pelvic floor health”

“Easy to understand approach to the muscle groups which impact your pelvic floor.  Easy to follow exercises to engage your pelvic floor”

“The Kegel continuum routine.  I didn’t know this existed but is something that is easy to build into your daily routine and something that would be beneficial long term”

“Really enjoyed it!! Thank you.  The practical activities were really useful.  Very informative course.  I didn’t realise that not working on my pelvic floor in my 30’s could impact in later life.

“I learnt and have a better understanding of where my pelvic floor is and how to do the movements after seeing the visual aids. I love the visual aids – really helps with understanding”